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Sunday, December 19th, 2004
12:42 pm

fuck you
i hate everything about you
actually i hate everything
about me
you just happen to get in the way
why do i
care so much
about where i dump your body
after all
it is long gone
and chopped into tiny pieces
perhaps i shall throw it
into a dumpster
beside the playground
you used to enjoy
as a child
which reminds me
of back in my happy youth
when i would sit and swing
on our swing in the backyard
you hated me
because i always got the good swing
and you got the bad one
so you hit me over the head
with a baseball bat
it bled for days and days to come
as i lay there
on the sand beneath the swings
as you ran away
and left my twitching
twitching in pain
my head blead from the ears
and out the nose
but you just ran away
and cried for help
but it was too late
and so i lay there dying
my slow and bloody death
it was all because of you
i died because of you
and now i have come back
i have come back to get you
and dump you body in the lake
yes, in the lake
by the tree where we used to sit and talk
about fantasies that
we know would never come true
but we talked
of the dragons and princesses
up in towers
to be rescued
by a prince charming
i needed to be rescued once
you know
you were my prince charming
you were going to save me from the dragon
instead you left me to drown
and now i am here
to push you head under water
like you did to me
as i sank down i sufficated
and you laughed
you thought it was funny
by the tree
there was your bike
and when i floated back up to
the top of the water
you hoppped on your bike
and rode of into the sunset
like a real prince charming
but you couldnt hide for long
cause now im back to kill you
to get you back
to get my revenge
for all the years
you did the wrong
so i chopped you up in little pieces
but dont know where to put the body

*just my ramblings*
Wednesday, December 15th, 2004
6:24 pm
heres a new poetry community. its for us poets who arent exactally "big balls of sunshine" come check it out!

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2004
12:32 pm
today is November 23. the 3 year anniversary of my box. ya see, i have this box where i put all my bad memories of things that happened to me. i have letters, im conversations, poetry, and stuff i wrote. i dont open the box unless i have to put something else in it. then each year on 11/23, i open it up, read everything it it, and then burn it. its my rerlease of my pain and stress and bad memories. it really helps me, so i am lookng forward to this afternoon when i am gona burn it all!!!
Sunday, November 21st, 2004
4:20 pm
i heard him cock the gun and pull the trigger. i heard his screams. i heard his tears, i heard the phone drop to the floor with his body and his gun. i heard the silence beyond the dial tone! i heard my tears hitting the reciever. i heard his mothers screams as she walked into his room. i heard her drop to the floor and kneel by his side. i heard her tears and i heard her screams. i heard her hang up the phone. still i heard his soul's lonely screams. my best friend just killed himself like last night. i really need support...anybody? please help me!

Current Mood: desperate
Saturday, November 20th, 2004
2:34 pm
welcome to this community. to be honest with you, i really dont know why i created this...just another group support thing i guess.

my name is devilkidd...on this anyways. i live in Jersey and i am 16. i post alot in other communities and in my own journal, so im running out of things to say!
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